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Fic - Killjoys. Burning Star. Chapter 25/26 Rating NC-17

Title: Burning Star
Fandom: Killjoys!Verse
Chapter: 25/26
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: PP!Gerard/FG!Frank, PP!Gerard/Korse non con.
Summary: The Killjoys are in trouble. Korse has caught up with them, and there is no where left to run.
Warnings: Dark fic, Rape, Oral sex, Angst, HurtComfort, Adult themes, Torture, Violence, Swearing.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Please don't sue me! This is just for pleasure!
Authors Note: Morning everyone. Okay, I'm not saying anything here, because if I do, I'll give something away... you'll just have to read and find out. Okay. All I will say is: I'm sorry.

One more chapter to go. I can't believe it! What a ride---

Thanks to Carrie and Amy. Love you girls. Thank you so much.

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Burning Star

Chapter Twenty-Five

There was a shout. And the sound of a ray gun blast once again filled the small room...

Gerard and Frank stared at each other, both wondering what was happening. They looked up and saw the Draculoid that had tried to end their embrace had met its own demise instead. It had been shot in the back of the head, and had fallen where it had been standing.

They gaped at each other, stunned. They had been so caught up in their own hopeless, intense moment; they had completely switched off...

“Gerard!” A figure was suddenly hurtling towards them, startling them both. “Frank!”

Mikey had flown into the room, his gun still raised and smoking. He looked around, his eyes wide with wonder as he took in the dead bodies all over the small room. A triumphant look spread across his face when he saw Korse, before his gaze fell onto Bert, and his eyes narrowed in anger. He then snapped his head back round, taking in Frank and Gerard, and their stunned expressions, and wasting no more time, he dived down beside them, grabbing for them both, relief now written all over his face.

“What the fuck, you two?!” He stormed, his whole form trembling. “Why did you go off on your own? What the hell happened?”

Suddenly, Ray appeared behind him. He let out a huge breath when he saw Gerard and Frank. “Thank fuck for that!” Then, it was his turn to gaze around the room in amzement. “What-”

Gerard let out a low moan, desperately trying to concentrate on Mikey and Ray, instead of the high pitched noise and furious shouting inside his head. He released his hold on Frank, and before he knew it, Mikey was upon him.

“I thought you were dead,” Mikey whimpered, clinging onto his brother for dear life. “I was so fucking scared!” He pushed Gerard back to have a good look at him and stared nervously at the glowing machine fixed to his brother's head. “What the fuck is that?”

Gerard gave him a tiny, pained smile. “Not my best look, huh?”

Mikey went to touch the machine, but Gerard grabbed his hand.

“Don't worry about it right now, Mikes.”


“Please Mikey, just hold me.”

He pulled Mikey forward again, into his arms, burying his head into his brother's shoulder, making the most of him being so close once again. He didn't speak, he just rested there. He had believed he would never see Mikey again. He was grateful for the one final opportunity.

Giving the brother's a moment to themselves, Frank reached out a shaky hand to Ray. “How did you find us?” Ray pulled Frank up, concerned by the evident agony on Frank's face, and then he embraced the smaller man tightly. “We were led to you.” He told him.

Frank pulled back, his brow furrowed in confusion. “What? By who?”

When Ray finally released Frank, he looked at the bodies at his feet, frowning, and then looked uncertainly towards the door.

“It's all clear. Come on in, Gracie.”

A small whirlwind swept into the room, rushed to Frank, and threw its arms around him.

Frank's eyes widened. He took hold of Grace and pushed her back slightly, looking at her in astonishment.

He rounded on Ray then, still holding on tightly to the child's hand.

“You brought Grace into this?” Frank snapped, fuming. “Are you high?

“She came to us!” Ray shot back. “We would never have found you if it wasn't for her!”

“She could easily have been seen-”

“I followed you guys,” Grace proclaimed, proudly. “I remembered my training, and I was good, Ghoul. No one saw me. Then I went back to get Kobra and Jet. I'm okay, Ghoul. Nobody saw me!”

“She was careful, Frank;” Mikey offered, looking up.

Frank was still glaring angrily. “That's not the fucking point-”

“Gracie,” a weak voice spoke up, cutting across Frank and his anger, and they all turned to see Gerard reaching out a shaky hand to Grace. She beamed at him excitedly, and then flew across the room, throwing herself on to him. He didn't complain, he just held her to him.

“Party!” She yelled, a little too loudly, causing both Gerard and Frank to wince. “I knew you'd be okay! I knew it!”

Gerard smiled, and Grace showered him with kisses, tears cascading down her face. Releasing Mikey, Gerard placed both arms around the small girl instead. “Well done, baby.” He whispered to her.

Frank whirled around. “You knew? You knew Grace followed us? Fucking hell, Gee! Do you know what would have fucking happened if Korse had seen her? She's just a kid!”

Gerard took a deep breath. He couldn't deal with this. Not now. “I trained her, Frank. Of course I knew she followed us. And I knew she'd be careful.”

Grace looked up at Frank then, now hurt by his anger. “I know how to stay hidden, Ghoul.”

Frank shook his head bitterly. “You risked her life-”

“Is anyone else coming?” Gerard asked wearily.

Ray exchanged a quick glance with Mikey. “We didn't have any time to get a message to anybody. We were alone-”

“I see,” Gerard said, looking down.

“I just wanted to get to you.” Mikey told him. “You were all I was thinking about. If that was wrong-”

“Not wrong, Mikes,” Gerard replied, holding up a shaky hand to silence his brother. “Its all good.”

Mikey frowned. It was very clear to him, and to Ray, that everything was a far as being “all good” as it could be.

Changing tact, Ray turned to Frank. “Do you have some drugs, Frank?” Ray placing a hand on the shorter man's shoulder. “We need to-”

Frank cut across him. “I'm okay, Ray.”

Ray stared at him, his gaze boring into the other man's.

“You need help, Frank.”

Frank smiled. He glanced down at the ground. “There's something you should know.” He said softly, deflecting the conversation. “About Bert.”

Mikey instantly tutted. “The bastard is dead. Let’s forget him.”

Frank shook his head. “Bert was being manipulated by Korse, the company turned him into their perfect spy. It wasn't his fault.” He glanced at Gerard. “He sacrificed himself to try and help us escape.”

The younger Way brother gestured in annoyance. He didn't believe a word of it. “He was a liar, Frank. He was clever, he'd wormed his way out of trouble before-”

“Not this time,” Gerard said quietly. “Korse killed him. He destroyed him completely.” He closed his eyes. “Because of me.”

“People need to know the truth,” Frank told Ray, giving him a knowing look. “We want them to know that Bert McCracken died a hero. Do you get me, Ray?” He reached out and grasped his wrist. “They used Bert. It wasn't his fault.”

Mikey made a disbelieving noise. “He wasn't under their control when he tried to kill you, was he, Gee?”

Gerard frowned. “Don't argue with me, Mikey;” His voice broke. “Not now.

Mikey glanced at him. He was confused.

And then he noticed the “thing” on Gerard's head still seemed to be transmitting something. He didn't like the look of it and, in that second, he decided the thing needed to go.

Almost in slow motion, he leaned towards Gerard, who stayed very still, with an eerie air of calmness around him, and took hold of the Re Programmer, and began to pull, screwing his face up from the effort.

“This thing’s stuck!” He muttered. He gave it a good tug. Gerard gasped in pain.

Frank seemed to come to his senses, looked round, and saw, to his horror, what Mikey was attempting to do. He grabbed hold of Mikey and pulled him away from his brother. “No Mikey, you can't do that!”

Mikey rounded on him. “Can't do what?”

“You'll kill him!”

Ray was stunned. “Frank, what the hell-?

Frank glared at Gerard. “You were going to let him, weren't you?”

Gerard said nothing.

“We need to get that shit off of him!” Mikey shouted to Frank, who was clearly furious, mainly because he had no idea what was happening, and he didn't like being kept in the dark. “I know what that fucking thing is! Its re-programming him, isn't it?”

“It's wiping his mind,” Frank replied softly. “Preparing him for re-programming. He's fighting right now but he's going to lose. It’s a matter of time.”

Mikey gestured angrily. “Okay then. Let's get this fucker off of him then, while we still can.”

With a sigh of frustration, Frank pushed Mikey away. It took too much out of the youngest Killjoy though, and he slumped down in front of Gerard. Ray was quickly there, helping him up, eyeing his friend worriedly.

“What is it?” He asked, quietly.

“You can't take it off of me without killing me,” Gerard muttered, before Frank could answer. “Korse showed us. This thing comes off, it causes a brain tumour. Good night Vienna, basically.”

Mikey had paled. He looked from Frank to Gerard. “There has to be something we can do?”

“It’s too late, Mikes;” Gerard replied, every word obviously a strain for him. “I can feel it inside of me. The voices are screaming at me all the fucking time. And, it hurts. The fucking effort it takes to not do as they ask; They want me to kill you. All of you. And, I want to do it. So fucking much. Just for the peace. And I will eventually. It's a matter of time. I can't keep this up, every second is a struggle. I can't fight this-”

Ray reached out for him. “The Doc can help you-”

Gerard recoiled from him as if he had been burnt. “Don't touch me!”

Ray backed off at once. Gerard, trembling, gave him an apologetic look. “I'm sorry,” he whispered. “But it's not going to happen, Ray. I'm fading fast. You can't stay here with me.”

Mikey blinked. “What are you saying?”

Ray covered his face with his hands. Mikey glanced at him, swallowed, and then looked back at Gerard. “Well? What are you telling me?”

“I need you to leave.”

Mikey actually let out a disbelieving laugh. “Fuck no! Not this time.”

Gerard closed his eyes. “Please Mikey. Take Grace out of here. It's all up to you and Ray now.”

Mikey shrugged theatrically. “I don't care what you say, Gerard. There's no way I’m leaving you again.”

Gerard stood up shakily, Ray jumping forward to support him, but Gerard reached out, towards his brother. “I want you to live, Mikey. You and Ray have a chance but she's coming here, for us, so you have to leave now. Go.”

“She?” Ray repeated.

Gerard nodded. “The Coordinator. We heard Korse talking to her before he died.”

Ray didn't speak for a second. Then, he swept Gerard up into a big hug. Gerard nestled his face into Ray's chest, taking in his support and his strength one last time.

“I'm sorry, Gee;” Ray told him.

“Shh,” Gerard responded.

Gerard pulled away from Ray then, and turned to his younger brother, who was trying hard to keep it together. He wouldn't look at Gerard.

“Come here, Mikey.”

Mikey shook his head. He turned away.

Ray, frowning, touched Frank's shoulder

“Time to go.”

Frank didn't move.

Ray stared at him. “Frank?”

“I'm not going.”

Ray blinked. Mikey looked as if he was ready to pass out. Gerard merely looked down at the ground as tears formed in his eyes.

Only Frank seemed in control.

He brushed his hair back. “I'm dying anyway. I've got minutes left.”

“We can still save you, get you back to the base-”

There was a flicker of a smile from Frank at that. “Typical Ray Toro. Never give up. That's one of the many things I love about you.”

Ray bit his lip. He grasped Frank's shoulder.

“But I'm not leaving him to die alone, Ray.” Frank added.


“I'm not leaving him, Ray.

Frank's voice was steady but firm as he gazed into Ray's eyes. “And you know it.”

Ray wanted to cry. He wanted to stop this somehow, to save both of his best friends and keep them all together, and safe and happy, where no one could ever hurt them again. But that was a dream. He couldn't save them, and they were about to be separated forever.

What else could he do? He returned Frank's tiny smile, and then nodded.

“This is not happening.” Mikey whispered, his head in his hands. “This can't be happening. God...”

“Come here,” Frank said, stepping toward Mikey, his arms outstretched.

Unlike when Gerard made the same request, Mikey moved to Frank at once; and the two friends hugged tightly. Ray exchanged glances with Gerard, both men struggling to hold it together. When Mikey finally released Frank, the youngest band member then turned to embrace the lead guitarist, falling into Ray's arms. Ray just held him, laying his head against the smaller man's.

Finally he let him go. Frank leaned back against the wall, eyeing Ray through the agony in his head. He knew the truth, knew his time was running out. All of their time was running out.

Then, it was Grace's turn for hugs. She went to Frank, and then to Gerard, sobbing her little heart out, as she whispered her goodbyes, and her thanks, to her two heroes.

Finally, Frank again turned to Ray. He took a deep breath.

“You have to go,” he muttered. “Please.”

Ray swallowed hard. Then, he nodded.

There was a devastated cry.


Mikey was shaking his head, agonising over what he was being asked to do, his gaze locked on Gerard. “Frank too? No. I can't...” He took a step forward. “I can't do this without you, Gee. I can't live my life without you. I don't want to.”

There was a painful silence, until Gerard finally cleared his throat.

“I can't fight this, Mikes. I'm sorry.” Gerard whispered. “Nor can Frank. Both of us are dying, and I don't want you to suffer the same. I know I'm letting you down.” A lone tear slowly trickled down his cheek. “But you have to let me go.”

The younger Way stood there, gazing back, clearly fighting the urge to simply crumble where he was stood.

And then, he grabbed for his brother, crying into his shoulder, and clinging to him as he cried and cried, all the pain, and hate, and grief and unfairness pouring out of him in waves. They stayed like that for a few precious seconds, until Gerard finally took hold of Mikey's shoulders, and forced him back purposely.

Then, the four members of My Chemical Romance stood facing each other.

None of them spoke. They all knew how monumental this moment was. The last time they would ever all be together. None of them knew what to say. None of them wanted to break the silence. They wanted this moment to go on. Forever.

Ray rubbed at his eyes with the back of his hand, and then turned to Mikey. “Come on, Mikes.” He said softly, pulling on his arm. “We gotta go.”

Mikey Way closed his eyes, as if he could block out what was happening. Ray glanced at Gerard, who gave him a weary look.

“You have to go now, Mikey.” Gerard whispered. “I'll see you soon.”


“Who knows?” Gerard replied, with a tiny laugh. “Maybe in Heaven.”

Mikey wiped at his eyes. “You actually think we'll get into Heaven?”

“Why not?” Gerard responded. “The four of us together? God won't have the balls to keep us out.”

Mikey couldn't help but laugh along with his brother. Then, the laughter turned to sobs as the younger man finally broke down. He stared down at the ground, no longer able to look directly at Gerard.

“I love you,” he muttered, and in the next moment, he was rushing out of the doorway, not looking back. Ray gave Gerard and Frank once last long look, before he quietly slipped out, following Mikey, carrying Grace in his arms.

She blew both Gerard and Frank a kiss as she disappeared through the door.

There was finally silence for a few precious seconds, and then Gerard let out a deep sigh, and slumped to the ground, unable to stand for a moment longer. He sat there, his head bent low. It was nearly done. Nearly time for him to give up the fight. Nearly time for the voices to be silenced. Forever.

Frank was beside Gerard against in an instant. He wrapped both his arms around the other man, holding his lover tightly to him. He could hear Gerard breathing, see his chest gently rising and falling, and knew he was weaker now. The struggle was almost over for Gerard Way, and Frank would be there to the end. He wouldn't leave him. It was all Frank had left to live for. His own time was disappearing quickly. The pain in his head was dimmer now; a sense of tranquillity had spread over him. He was ready. As long as he was with Gerard, then he was prepared for his final journey.

His time had come.

“Frank,” Gerard muttered, so softly. Every word was difficult for him.

“Shh,” Frank whispered back. “Don't speak, baby. Just rest.”

Gerard gently shook his head. “No, Frank. Please listen to me.”

Frank glanced down at Gerard. “What, Gee?”

“I want to die on my own terms, Frankie. Not on theirs.”

The other man was confused. He wondered if Gerard was delirious. He held him ever more tightly. “You're okay, sugar.” He muttered. “It'll all be okay. Trust me.”

There was a pause before Gerard spoke again. “I want you to take this thing off of me, Frank.”

Frank looked down at him, sure he had heard wrong.

“What?” He asked.

“Please, Frank.”


“Just pull it off. I can't do it myself. The voices won't let me.”

Frank released his hold, and brought a weary hand up to his own confused, exhausted head. “I can't do that, Gee. I can't kill you.”

“Frankie, I'm gonna die anyway. I can't fight it any more. I'll kill you, Frankie.” His voice broke. “I can't do it; I can't become one of them.”

“Don't fucking ask me to kill you, Gerard!”

Gerard was struggling to breathe. “I don't want to die as one of them, Frankie, wearing their fucking shit. Please. Do this for me.”

Frank closed his eyes tightly. How could he do this? How could he kill the man he loved?

“I love you, Frank, and I know you love me;” Gerard whispered, as if he was reading his mind. “I love you more than I can ever tell you. And I don't deserve you. I never did.”

The tears came then, slowly slipping down Frank's cheeks. He couldn't help it. He knew this was it. He knew this was goodbye.

Gerard was still speaking, so softly, straining to say every word. “I aimed at gun at you. I told you I hated you-”

Frankie shook his head desperately. “Doesn't matter, Gee. That doesn't matter now.”

“For everything we've ever meant to each other, Frankie; Every time you stood on a fucking stage beside me, or fought alongside me afterwards, please do this one last thing for me. Let me die as me. As Gerard.

Frank was sobbing uncontrollably.

He knew he had no choice. He knew he couldn't deny Gerard anything.

Especially at the end.

“I love you,” Frank whispered. “I always will.”

He heard Gerard letting out a shaky breath. And he knew why. Gerard knew he had made Frank understand. And he was finally going to be set free.

Frank released his hold on Gerard, and the other man fell forward slightly. Then, the brunette took hold of the Re Programmer, and with a low whimper, he ripped it off of Gerard's head.

Gerard slumped down, but didn't hit the ground as Frank caught him safely. Gerard opened his eyes and stared, peacefully, up at Frank.

“Look at me, Frankie.”

One pair of hazel eye's met the other. Both were watery and red.

“I'll see you,” Gerard whispered.

Frank whimpered, tightening his hold, waiting for the agony he knew was coming to consume the other man.

He didn't have to wait long.

A horrific torment gripped Gerard, and he began to writhe and cry out, fingers clawing at his own head, his face contorted in agony.

Frank sobbed quietly, holding Gerard against him, trying to comfort him. His lips were against his lover's hair, whispering loving words into his ear.

Gerard finally drew still, the tremors still causing his body to shake gently. His eyes met Frank's one last time, his breathing soft and laboured.

He spoke, so quietly that Frank could only just hear him, but he drew the words into him, right into his very soul.

“I see your eyes...”

Frank shushed him, clinging to him, gently rocking him.

“I'll meet your eyes...”

Gerard let out an audible sigh.

It was getting darker now.

It didn't hurt any more.

He thought of Frank, of Mikey, and Ray. He saw a flash of bright lights, felt a microphone in his hand, felt love and joy all around him.

He looked at the others.

They were smiling at him.

He was loved.

So dark. But he wasn't afraid.

He was free.

No fear. No pain. It was his time.

He was leaving.

'I'm free.'

And then, he knew no more.


Frank was trembling. He couldn't hear anything. The world had vanished. There was only him, and Gerard, sleeping in his arms.

Only, Gerard wasn't sleeping.

He clung to him, shaking him gently, wetting Gerard's head with his ever flowing tears.

The tears would never stop now.

“Wake up,” he whispered. “Please wake up.”

But, Gerard didn't respond.

Frank looked up to the ceiling, to the sky. “Please Gerard!” He called out desperately. “Please fucking wake up!

Still, Gerard didn't answer him. His eyes were closed. He looked so peaceful. He was safe now.

Gerard was gone. He'd left Frank alone.

An anguished scream filled the room, a horrific sound of pure grief and rage, and it took Frank a few seconds to realise the scream was his. His whole body trembling, and still holding Gerard as tightly as ever, Frank stared upwards, pleading with whoever was listening.

“Please... Please, bring him back... Please...

But no one was listening.

Frank, the tears still falling, kissed Gerard on the forehead. A kiss to signify not only farewell, but also forever. For they would be together again soon, Frank swore it on his life. Or whatever was left of that life, anyway.

“You wait for me.” He told Gerard. “I'll be right there...”

A noise from just outside startled him, and Frank looked up sharply. He wrapped one arm around Gerard's chest and pulled him closer, and stuck his other hand deeply into his pants pocket. He then frowned, and waited.

Sure enough, a stern but powerful looking oriental woman marched into the room, her arms placed firmly at her sides, her cold, piercing eyes staring straight at Frank. He gazed back at her, unflinching. He had seen her face so many times on banners, and advertisements, and the television obviously, back when the company were first taking control. Before the bombs fell, and everything changed.

He knew enough that she was called the Coordinator. And she was the reason why Gerard, and Bert, and Gareth, and the rest of them, were all dead.

She was the reason he had lost Jamia and the girls.

He eyes narrowed. She would pay for all of the blood on her hands. Blood spilled in the name of her damned Corporation. And he would make her pay dearly.

The Coordinator watched Frank for a moment more, and then her gaze switched to Gerard, and her lips twitched. “I'm disappointed.” She murmured. She turned and crossed the room, the Draculoids that had entered behind her taking up positions, all of them aiming their guns at Frank. He couldn't take them all on in a gun battle, not if he was at full strength, even if that had been his plan. He'd last a matter of seconds before he was overcome. But, that wasn't his plan. His gun remained on the ground beside him, and he didn't attempt to go for it. Why would he? He had a better idea.

The Coordinator had walked over to Korse, and was leaning over him, pressing her fingers to his neck.

“Long dead,” she noted. “Numerous ray gun blasts. That is unfortunate.”

Frank snorted. She looked over at him.

“This means we have a position now open in the Company that needs filling, Killjoy.” She smiled. “I hoped it could have been Party Poison, I would have enjoyed the challenge of conditioning a famous rebel leader, but it was clearly not to be.” She stepped closer to him. “I suppose you will have to do in his absence, Fun Ghoul.”

The Killjoy laughed a hollow laugh.

“Lets get you into surgery. That chip needs removing.” She smiled. “Quickly, by the look of you.”

He simply continued to glare at her.

The Coordinator shrugged, and then jerked her head, towards two waiting Draculoids, in Frank's direction. “Take him.”

They went to move forward.

Frank, smiling, pulled his hand out of his pocket and revealed two small explosive devices in the palm of his hand. She stopped, staring at them, realisation of what they were dawning at her.

She had a split second to meet Frank's twinkling eyes, and shake her head slightly.


Frank was ready. He held Gerard to him ever tighter, almost crushing his lover's body, and grabbed his hand. Then, he smirked. “Go to hell, you fucking bitch.”

He saw her grab for her own wrist.

'I'll see you.

He placed a gentle kiss on Gerard's head, and at the same time, crushed the small explosive balls in his hand, destroying them utterly.

He closed his eyes.

I mean this, forever.


*A few minutes earlier.*

“Mikey!” Ray hissed. “You have to keep down!”

They were crouched behind a wall, Grace at their side. Mikey was glaring hatefully at Ray, and trying to pull free of his hold, so he could get around their protective wall cover.

“Why?” Mikey snapped. “I'm supposed to hide while my brother dies? Is that right?”

“He told us to get out because that damned bitch was coming for them! She could be here any minute! Now, get out of sight!”

Mikey glared. “Ray? Why don't you just-”

Ray grabbed Mikey, covering his mouth with his hand, as suddenly there were blue flashes everywhere, and then Draculoid after Draculoid was appearing before them, just outside the building. And then, they saw her. The source of all of their problems. The woman they knew was called the Coordinator was walking past her Drac legions, heading straight for the entrance to the facility. She paused for a second outside, and then pulled open the door, and entered. The Draculoids filed in behind her.

Ray and Mikey perched there, watching, breathing hard.

Mikey couldn't stand it. What was he supposed to do, sit there while his brother was captured and tortured again by those bastards? Erased forever? Before Ray even had the chance to stop him, Mikey was up and running, back towards the small building, back towards his brother.

Grace screamed his name. Ray shouted at her, ordering her to stay exactly where she was, out of sight. He then flung himself out from behind the wall, and tore off, right on his boyfriend's heels.

Ray called after Mikey desperately, catching the other man easily, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him back.

“You can't do this, Mikes!” Ray pleaded. “There's too many of them!”

Mikey looked at Ray as if he was insane. “You think I give a shit about that?” He wrestled free of Ray's hold. “They're gonna fucking die in there, Ray!” He was breathing hard, gazing at Ray, every part of him begging that the other man would understand. “I can’t watch my brother die!”

“He wants you to live, Mikey;” Ray whimpered. “You heard what he said.”

Mikey shook his head. He made another attempt to run for the building, now he assumed overrun with Draculoids. He had to get in there; he had to help Gerard and Frank. He wouldn't leave them behind and he was furious with Ray that it appeared he was willing to give up, just like that. Because Gerard had asked him to.

But Ray was still fighting against him. He tackled Mikey from behind, sending the smaller man sprawling to the sand. Mikey struggled, kicking out at Ray.

“Let go of me! You bastard!”

“Mikey, you have to calm-”


Mikey jumped forward, punching Ray hard in the face, but still Ray didn't let go of him.

The truth was, losing Gerard and Frank was killing Ray inside, but he had made a promise. He had sworn, on his life, to protect Mikey. It had been Gerard's last request of him and Ray was not going to let him down. He would keep Mikey, and Grace too, safe. And he would do it for Gerard and Frank. He would keep the mission going, in their honour.

They were gone. He would not allow them to be forgotten.

And he would not let their deaths be the end of Mikey too.

“I can't lose you too, Mikey,” Ray sobbed. “You know they're gone, but you're not willing to face it.” He held Mikey down, pinning him beneath him. “I know it hurts, baby. But it's you and me now. Please don't leave me here alone!”

Mikey stared at Ray. He was trembling, tears cascading down his face. A beat passed.

Mikey opened his mouth to reply-

The explosion blew them both off of their feet, and the crashed to the ground, crying out in shock. When they turned to see, their hearts already in their mouths, they saw what was left of the building that had once been so close to them. The building that no longer existed. Fire had engulfed the structure and the flames and smoke were billowing everywhere. Nothing could possibly have survived such a blast.

Not the Draculoids, or their Co-Ordinator.

And not Gerard Way or Frank Iero.

Ray was kneeling, his hands placed behind his head, staring at the devastation before him in disbelief. Through the pain and heart stopping grief he was trying to hold at bay, one thought was constantly running through his head:

What the fuck happened?

Grace had edged out from behind the wall, and was gazing at the remains of the warehouse in horror.

“Poison?” She whispered, moving closer. “Ghoul?”

“Keep away, Gracie;” Ray urged her, waving his hand. “Just stay back.”

Turning away from her for a second, he turned his attention to the unmoving Mikey.

The younger Way was still laying on his front, flat on the ground. He was watching the flames with wide, staring eyes. He had turned as white as a ghost, and hadn't moved a muscle from the moment he had been sent crashing to the ground. He was shaking like a leaf, and was completely unaware of anything but the burning building. Ray was almost beside himself. He knew more Draculoids would be on the scene at any second, which meant they couldn't stay there too much longer. They had to get under cover, all they were all finished.

Ray swore in his fury when suddenly Grace ran forward, her breath coming out in short, raspy gasps, as she clawed at him, trying to push her way past him. He grabbed her around the middle firmly, and picked her up effortlessly. He cursed loudly as continued to fight desperately against him.

He gripped her to him, knowing he had to take back control of this situation or they would all be lost. If he didn't make them listen to him, none of them would be getting away from there with their lives.

He looked again at Mikey, and his blood ran cold.

The younger man still hadn't spoken, or even moved. His unblinking eyes were locked on the blaze. Ray could tell that he was in shock.

How was he supposed to get through to him?

“Mikes,” Ray breathed. “We have to get out of here.”

Mikey didn't respond, he simply continued to stare.

Ray was on the verge of collapse. The only thing that was keeping him from facing what had just happened, that his two best friends had just been killed in front of him, was his conviction to keep Mikey and Grace alive. If he didn't hold it together, he would break down there and then.

And if that happened, he'd have failed Gerard. And that was an impossibility for him.

He would make Gerard proud.

He fought back the tears threatening to spill as the anguish slowly built up inside of him. He had to keep trying. He had to get through to Mikey.

He crouched down beside the younger man.

“Mikey,” he stated, as calmly as he could muster. “Please sugar, come with me.”

Mikey gave no indication he had even heard.

Ray lost his patience. He grabbed at Mikey, trying to pull him to his feet.

“Mikey!” Ray's voice broke, along with his heart, as he pleaded desperately; “I need you to listen to me, Mikes. Please!”

At last, at long last, Mikey lifted his head and regarded Ray with dead, cold eyes. There was nothing there. Mikey was disappeared behind the grief and shock he was experiencing.

Mikey was broken.

“Gone,” he muttered. “Gerard's gone.”

“For his sake,” Ray whimpered; “And for Frankie's, we have to get away from here. Now!”

“No point,” Came the stunted reply. “No point to any of it. Not without Gerard.”

“Mike,” Ray tried again. “You don't mean that. Gerard would want you to keep going. He wanted you to live. He told you to make him proud. You can't do that dead, Sugar!” He gripped Mikey's arm. Grace was now silent, holding onto Ray, watching Mikey closely. “We have to go on. For Gerard and Frank. We have to keep their memory alive-”

“Never going to see them again...” Mikey interjected. “It's over and done with...”

“Mikey,” Ray all but sobbed. “Please.”

The younger man swallowed hard. Finally, he raised his head and stared up at Ray with wide eyes. Ray could have broken down at the grief and agony he saw there. But he had to hold it together.

He had to go on.

Placing Grace down on the ground beside him, he indicated for her to stay close, and then grabbed Mikey's arm, and pulled with all his might, but his boyfriend dug his heels into the sand, and refused to move. It was like trying to budge a dead weight. Ray shook his head despairingly.

What the hell was he going to do?

“We have to get Grace out of here, Mikey.” He had to give it once last try. What choice did he have? “You know it's what Gerard and Frank would have wanted-”

At that, Mikey's eyes narrowed. The grief in those eyes momentarily changed to anger.

“Who gives a shit what they wanted?” He snapped. “They're dead, Ray. And they're not fucking coming back!”

Ray could take no more. Gripping Mikey with both hands, he manhandled the weaker man to his feet, and then began to force him along.

“Get off me,” Mikey was yelling, tears streaming down his face. “Let me the fuck go!” He hit out at Ray, trying to dislodge his hold, but Ray clung on. “I'm not leaving! I'm staying here with my brother!”

Ray swung round, holding Mikey's shoulders tightly. “I'm not leaving you behind!” He screamed in Mikey's face. “You're all I've got! I'm not leaving you here to die too!”

“He's my brother!” Mikey was gasping now, finding it hard to breathe properly. He suddenly seemed dangerously near to dissolving into hysterics. “I can't go on without him!”

“What about me?” Ray whimpered. “How am I supposed to go on without you?”

Mikey shook his head. He wasn't hearing Ray, couldn't take in what he was saying. All he could think of was Gerard and how he was never going to see his face again, hear his voice again, listen to him sing again...

And Frank. The pain only increased when Mikey's thoughts turned to his closest friend. Frank was gone too. His best friend and his brother both lost, in the same split second. And Mikey had walked away and left them. And he had lived.

He didn't want to live without the others.

“NO!” Mikey screamed, disbelief setting in. “No. This isn't happening. Ray, stop this...”

Before Ray could speak again, before he had the chance to drag Mikey on another step, there was a sudden bright flashing blue light we caught both the devastated men by surprise, and then the ear splitting scream, filled with total horror, caused them both to freeze, staring at one another in panic.

They turned to look at Grace as one, ready to ask why she had screamed with such terror, when they saw the reason, and understood instantly why the young girl was suddenly quaking in fear.

The Coordinator was stood a few feet away, flanked by her Draculoid guards. The head of BL/I was watching the two men with an expression of amusement and, as they looked at her with clear horror on their faces, she began to smile.

“Surprise,” she said.

Ray reacted first. Surging forward, he hurled Grace up with one arm, and then, whirling round, he grabbed Mikey by the back of his neck, and shoved him forward. “Fucking run,” he snarled.

“Where do you think you can run to?” The Coordinator called after them.

They soon found out why. More Draculoids appeared in front of them, ray guns instantly raised and ready to fire, just waiting for the order to end the three lives before them.

There were Dracs in all directions. They were beaten.

“Throw your guns down.” She declared. “At once.”

They regarded each other, and then appreciating that the situation was not looking good, they accepted they had no choice but to obey. Mikey dropped his gun first, Ray copying his action soon after.

“Smart,” The woman told them. “Now, get on your knees,” She tossed her hair. “All of you.”

There was no option but to obey. Very quickly, all three of them were slumped on the ground, ray gun held to the back of each of their heads. The woman nodded wit satisfaction, and then pulled out her walkie talkie, and pressed the button.

A voice quickly spoke up.


“The Transporter signal is dead,” she replied. “All the power was used up getting myself and my Dracs out of the fiery trap. I cannot transport again. You must send a helicopter.” She glanced round. “I have some prisoners.”

“Gerard Way and Frank Iero?” The voice questioned.

She smirked at her watching captives, whose agony was plain to see.

“No,” she snapped back. “They were both killed. Poison was already dead when I arrived, Korse and McCracken too.” She brushed a hand through her hair. “Iero died in the explosion he himself caused. I have captured the remaining Killjoys.”

“Then kill them,” the cold voice spoke again. “They are useless without the others.”

She placed her head on one side. “Even the child?”

“Especially her. More trouble than she's worth. Copter is on the way, Helli. Just end this, and get out of there. We need to begin again. New plans of action are required now Party Poison is deceased.” His tone became crueller. “There are other rebel leaders to hunt, my dear.”

She was nodding, clearly agreeing with whoever it was, a man who had the power to give her instructions. Instructions she followed happily. Ray was stunned. This woman had always been the face of BL/I. Everyone had assumed she was in charge of the whole company. But now, maybe this was not the case. He looked up at the others. Mikey was staring straight ahead, into nothing. He would not look at Ray. Grace, meanwhile, was crying, her whole tiny being trembling in fear. All Ray wanted to do was go to her, but he knew that if he moved, his life would be snuffed out in a second.

The woman was finishing up her conversation. “Will you come?”

“As you wish.”

The line was cut.

She turned, and regarded them closely. A cruel smile spread across her face.

“Well, so you are the Fabulous Killjoys? Not as Fabulous as I expected then.”

Ray ignored her taunts, instead staring, his heart hurting, at the burning building in the distance. It became clear very quickly to Ray what had happened. The Coordinator had transported herself and her small team of private Draculoid guards out of that building before the explosion, whatever had caused it, had destroyed the facility.

Ray now knew what had caused it. Frank. And those small devices he had carried around since his one on one encounter with Korse. The blast had killed Frank, Gerard – if he had even still been alive – and a small number of Dracs. But the true target, the woman who controlled Better Living and all the evil attached to the company, had escaped unharmed.

Ray, every part of him in agony, knew what this meant.

Frank had sacrificed himself for nothing.

And now, Ray, Mikey and Grace were going to pay for just how close Frank had come to bringing the whole mother fucking corporation down.

So close, but yet so far.

For the Killjoys, the future had never looked bleaker. They were two men down, and now had been hopelessly surrounded by their enemies. And despite Ray desperately trying to find any ray of light, there was no way out.

The Coordinator stood, her arms crossed over her chest, looking at each of her prisoners, her eyebrow raised, her expression smug.

“I'm honoured to meet you, at last, Jet Star, Kobra Kid. Your little group are legendary.” She smirked. “Not that there is much left of you...”

Mikey let out a low moan. She smirked.

“In fairness,” she purred; “That was a very good attempt by your friends to end my life. You rebels have always misjudged me and my company. And now, Party Poison and Fun Ghoul have paid the full price for their incompetence.

Mikey closed his eyes tightly. Ray knew why. He was trying to shut her out.

“Mikes,” Ray whispered. “It’s okay.”

The woman laughed. “I don't think anything will ever be okay for you, or for him, ever again.”

Ray gave her a look of pure hate. “They fucking beat you.”

“I'm still alive. They're not.”

“Killjoys never die.”

She tutted, and shook her head. “As pathetic as I expected;” She muttered, more to herself. “Such a shame I'll never meet the great Party Poison,” she continued, her voice dripping with false sympathy. “He died a fools death, in the end. A stupid, senseless waste of life.”

“Shut it,” Ray snapped, having heard enough. “You evil bitch.” The put down was not his best retort, but it was all he could manage. “Just shut the fuck up.”

She frowned at him angrily.

“You don't matter, Jet Star;” She retorted. “You never have done.”

Her words cut through him. He turned away, not wanted her to see how affected he was.

She kept going, smiling as his discomfort. “Do you not realise? You're the forgotten man. Your views, your thoughts and your opinions are nothing. And you will now stay silent, Killjoy, and let me and Kobra here talk, or I will have you ghosted.” She regarded him, with disdain. “Even though you are clearly not worth the effort.”

Ray glared up at her. “Fuck you-”

He found his face pressed down into the sand then, his words smothered, unable to move, let alone continue with his abusive rant at the woman he despised.

Mikey was whimpering beside him. He eyes were still tightly shut. The mentions of Gerard had been like a knife in his heart. He still couldn't comprehend that his brother was gone. All he wanted was Gerard. But Gerard was never going to be there for him again.

The woman had moved to stand directly in front of him, and she was watching him, eye-balling him carefully.

“Open your eyes,” she told him, her tone gentle. “Look at me.”

A beat passed. And then, Mikey did as he was told. He opened his eyes carefully, and gazed up at the Japanese woman now standing over him, leaning forward.

“Good,” she breathed, moving ever closer. “What is your name?”

He hesitated for a second, before replying, in a soft voice. “Kobra Kid.”

“No,” she replied, at once. “Not your alias. I'm not interested in childish nicknames. What is your real name?”

Mikey swallowed hard. Her eyes were piercing. He couldn't look away.


“Michael,” she repeated, and smiled. “You were Gerard Way's brother?”

“I still am,” he replied.

She nodded. “Of course.” She reached out and took his hand. “I'm sorry for your loss.”

Mikey gaped back at her.

Ray couldn't care less about being shot now. He was almost out of his mind with fury. He wanted that fucking bitch away from his boyfriend. He struggled to his feet, shoving the Draculoid that had been positioned behind him backwards.

“Stay the fuck away from him!” Ray bellowed. “You don't even have the right to speak to him, you murderous, drugged up, corporate whore!”

The Coordinator snarled at him in response. “You were warned,” she snapped. Then, she gestured to the nearest Drac. “Kill him.”

The Draculoid took aim. Ray just stood there, breathing hard. He didn't try to defend himself.

“NO!” Mikey squeezed her hand painfully, hard enough for her to gasp. “Please.”

She watched him. She was completely thrown by this man, this hateful rebel. One of the men that had sought, and very nearly caused, her destruction. But there was so much more to him than she had expected. The torture he was going through, his sense of loss, and grief at his brothers passing, it moved her. She had not been moved for so long. She didn't need emotions. She had her drugs. But the Killjoy, he was different. His pain, so obvious, so hurtful, and his unimaginable beauty, inside and out, there for everyone to see. She couldn't take her eyes off of him. He had bewitched her.

“Wait,” she murmured, and the Drac paused, blinking at her. Ignoring her servants, the woman then knelt down beside Mikey, and stroked his wrist. Mikey looked down, confused. Was she actually showing him real affection?

“If your brother,” she whispered in his ear, so only he could hear her, “was any where near as fascinating as you are, then no wonder Korse was so obsessed with him. I'd follow you to the ends of the Earth, Michael Way...”

He stared back at her, not knowing how to respond.

She stood up straight again then.

“If you want me to spare their pointless lives, then I can do that,” she continued. “They mean nothing to me.” He gaze flickered from Ray, to Grace. “I will spare them both, they can walk away from here unhurt, if you were to come with me.”

Ray shook his head at once. “Mikes, no...”

“Be silent!” She hissed. And then, to Mikey; “Do you want them to die?”

“No,” Mikey replied instantly. “I can't lose them too.”

The woman smiled. She knew that, with no doubt in her mind, that he was completely broken. Which meant, he could be controlled.

And reprogrammed. If she could just get him to the city. He would be hers then. In every sense.

“Don't lose them then,” the woman whispered. “I will spare them. For you.” She held out her hand. “Just come with me, Michael. Let me take all that pain, and all that hurt, and all that grief, away.” She gently pushed his hair out of his eyes. “Come with me.”

Mikey gazed at her with dead eyes. And then, just for a second, his pain filled stare met Ray's own. Tears fell as both men looked at the other. Ray was trembling, shaking his head from side to side as he silently pleaded with Mikey not to do this. Mikey managed a tiny smile, and a nod of reassurance, as he took in everything he could about the other man. The man he had shared everything with. The most important man on the planet. The man he loved.

And then, he took her offered hand. With a shaky, empty voice, he whispered; “Okay.”

She smirked.

Ray threw himself forward, but was restrained by two Draculoids. He struggled hopelessly, utterly horrified by what Mikey had just agreed to.

“Mikey, you can't do this! You can't give in!”

“Silent!” She snapped. But Ray took no notice.

“Not after everything,” Ray was pleading; “Not after how much Gerard went through. You can't just take his place. For him, and for Frank, you can't just give up! I need you! Please.”

He was openly crying now. And he felt no shame.

The Coordinator was smiling at him now, with complete triumph. She helped Mikey up, and then nodded at him approvingly. “You made the right choice, Michael;” She offered, ignoring the raging Ray Toro.

“You promise to let them go?” He asked her.


“Mikey...” Ray whimpered, still not wanting to accept that this was happening. “You can't leave me too.”

Mikey grimaced. “I can't go on with this, Ray. Not without Gerard and Frank. I'm just too tired.”

Ray's heart was breaking. “And what about me?” He hesitated, before adding, “ I love you.”

A tremor went through Mikey. “I'm sorry,” he moaned.

The Coordinator was laughing softly. And as well she might, Ray noted, in his agony. She'd won.

They were all startled by the sound of a helicopter in the distance. As they watched, the flying machine drew nearer, and it prepared to land a couple of hundred feet from where they stood.

The woman reached out and took Mikey's hand. She smiled at Ray, who was shaking his head, clearly in denial.

“You are free to go.” She told him. “You and the girl.”

“I'm not going anywhere,” he snarled back. “And nor is he.”

She grinned evilly, and then pulled on Mikey's hand. “Come.”

Mikey hesitated. He was chewing on his lower lip as he regarded Ray. He didn't want to go, that was obvious. His gaze moved to the burning building in the distance and he visibly shook.

“It's over, Ray;” Mikey whispered. “Just take Grace, and go. No one else has to die.”

“Except for you, if you go with that bitch.”

The Co coordinator’s eyes blazed. “It's time to go home, Michael.”

Ray gestured to the wrecked facility. To Gerard and Frank's tomb.

“She did that. She killed them. If you do this, you're destroying Frank and Gee's memories. You know that you can't do this.”

The helicopter had landed. The woman was looking over her shoulder impatiently.

She tugged again on Mikey's hand. The Dracs surrounding Ray pushed the Killjoy back, making their intentions clear. Ray was supposed to be leaving. Only problem was, he never received the memo...

“I'm not fucking leaving you, Mikey!” Ray shouted. “You hear me? I'll always be here, waiting for you. I love you.”

Mikey was being led away. He tried not to listen to Ray's shouts, trying to block them out. What choice did he really have? He couldn't stand by and watch Ray die too. Or Gracie. This was the only way out for them all.

He glanced across at the woman who had given him that way out. He didn't understand why.

She threw him a sideways look, and then gestured for the Draculoids walking beside her.

“Go back,” she ordered. “And kill them.” Her eyes was flaming. “Destroy the Killjoy scum.”

“NO!” Mikey shrieked. “YOU PROMISED!”

She merely laughed.

He let go off her hand, and whirled around, trying to get back to Ray.

“RAY!” He bellowed, and saw Ray looking at him, in panic. “SHE FUCKING LIED! RUN!”

Ray blinked, and then saw a bunch of Dracs charging back toward them, the few still standing nearby were also raising their guns. He swore angrily, and grabbed at Grace.

“Come on sweetheart.” He muttered. “Time to go.”

The woman glared when she saw the two remaining Killjoys fight there way away from the Draculoids encircling them, and take off hastily. She threw Mikey a dirty look.

“Hold him!” She snapped, and Mikey was grabbed and restrained by two near by Dracs.

“Bitch!” Mikey snarled. “You fucking bitch!”

She shrugged, and reached out a gently caressed his face. “You feel differently soon enough Michael,” She purred.

Mikey turned his face away, disgusted.

She grinned, and then watched as more Draculoids ran forward, rushing past the Coordinator and Mikey, giving chase after Ray and Grace. Flanked by two of the drones, a man approached. Mikey stared at him, the man instantly giving him a strong feeling of unease, and something else. Familiarity. Had Mikey met this man before? He was wearing a long black robe and a matching black mask, which covered his face almost entirely. All that could be seen were his cruel green eyes.

And those eyes were now narrowed squarely at Mikey.

“What is this?” He barked.

“Get him to the helicopter,” she hissed, gesturing to Mikey, who was now fighting tooth and claw to get away from his Draculoid captors.

The masked man eyed Mikey up and down, and then gave the woman a curious glance. “We are taking prisoners?” He enquired, his distorted voice sounding monotonous. “I wasn't told.”

“He belongs to me now.” She snapped.

Her companion shrugged, and then he grabbed the struggling Mikey around the throat himself, and began to drag him forcefully toward the waiting helicopter.

The Coordinator nodded her approval, and then glanced back over at the two fleeing Killjoys, the only two left. She watched, amused, as Draculoids gave chance, guns raised, ready to carry out her orders.

Very quickly, Ray and Grace found themselves pinned down against a wall, and as Ray pushed Grace behind him, breathing hard, as he stared at the approaching Draculoids. There were so many of them, and they were coming closer, and closer. Grace was whimpering behind him, her hands over her ears. Ray looked at each of their masked executors, and closed his eyes as he saw them taking aim-

He waited for the blast that would end his life.

His last thought was of Mikey, Gerard and Frank.

'Gerard, I'm sorry. I couldn't save him.'

A loud shout suddenly ran out, echoing around the small area. Ray kept his eyes closed, not daring to hope.

“Fucking come on!”

An explosion of ray gun blasts erupted all around him, and Ray threw himself down to the ground, dragging Grace down beside him. There were shouts, and cries, and screams from all around, and Ray had no idea what was happening. He didn't know whether he was going to live or die, all he knew was, something had taken the Dracs attentions away. Something had come to help...

Suddenly, his arm was being tugged on, and he was being dragged up. He looked up in surprise, to find a man standing over him, his face hidden behind a rebel mask, pulling at him. He looked past the man, to see the Draculoids were all fighting armed rebels, all around them. Glancing down, he saw Grace had already scrambled to her feet, and was being pulled along by a woman rebel, desperately shrieking his name.

“Come on, Toro!” The man above Ray shouted. “Get the fuck up!”

Ray was stunned. Who the hell was this? How did he know him?”

“W-who are y-you?” Ray stuttered, recoiling slightly.

“No time,” the newcomer hissed. “Just get moving!”

Ray pulled free. “No, I can't go. I have to get back to Mikey-”

The man ripped off his mask. “Mikey's gone, Ray!”

Ray stared in shock. Mike Dirnt, formerly of Green Day, and the man who had been missing for some time, causing Billie Joe Armstrong no end of worry, was gazing down at him, with a mixture of worry and anger. “We can't stay out in the open like this!”

Ray pushed him away. “I have to get back to that helicopter! Let go of me.”

Mike took hold of his shirt and pulled him closer. “There are too many! And I saw Mikey being dragged away. You can't get to him, trust me.”

“Fuck you, Mike!” Ray shouted, and then he had wrestled his way clear of Mike and was racing back across the sand. Ray gun blasts whizzed past him from left to right but he took no heed. Tripping over an abandoned gun, Ray picked it up, and then continued on. The helicopter was still there, right in front of him. It wasn't over yet. He could still get there, he could still save Mikey...

Suddenly, Mikey was there. He could see him, being dragged backwards into the helicopter by another masked man. The 'Copter was ready to take off, with its blades spinning round and round. He had seconds to spare before he would lose Mikey forever, just as he had lost Gerard and Frank. Ray couldn't help himself. He screamed as loud as he could.


Mikey looked up, and then instantly began to struggle and yell in earnest.

“Ray! Help me! Ray!

Ray tore forward, only for the tall man holding Mikey to fire his ray gun in his direction, and the blast missed him by inches. Another blast actually burned Ray's hair, it was so close, and he had no choice but to throw himself down again. He managed to get off two shots of his own before a large weight suddenly threw itself on to him, pinning him to the sand. He began to struggle, using his elbows to try and force what he assumed had to be a Drac off of him.

“Ray,” a voice hissed in his ear. “You can't. It's suicide.”

Mike again. What the hell was he trying to do? Whose side was he fucking on?

“No! Get off me! They'll take him. I can't fucking let them-”

“Think of Gerard, Ray. And Frank. Where are they? We can go find them-”

Ray's heart scattered into a million pieces. “They're dead.”

Mike stopped. “Fuck.” He muttered. “I'm sorry.”

“Mikey is all I've fucking got!” Ray snarled. “So get the fuck off of me. Let me save him!”

“You don't understand,” Mike snarled. “That man holding Mikey. I've seen him before.”

“Fucking so?” Ray couldn't deal with this. All he wanted was to get to the man he loved.

“He's the exterminator that killed Tre. And he'll do the same to you, and to me, if you don't stop.”

That did it. Ray went limp in Mike's grip. He raised his head, tears cascading down his face, as he saw the masked man leaning out of the door, yelling for the Draculoids to scatter. The Exterminator then looked up and suddenly noticed Mike for the first time. He raised his gun again.

“Shit-” Mike hissed, and then both he and Ray dived for cover as the Exterminator fired repeatedly at them.

When they were finally able to edge their way back from behind the wall. It was already too late. Mikey was in the helicopter, the Coordinator and the Masked Exterminator on either side of him. His terrified boyfriend was banging his fist desperately against the window, and though he couldn't hear a word, Ray knew Mikey was screaming his name.

He had never felt so powerless. He could do nothing, as the helicopter lifted up in the air, and soared away, with Mikey trapped inside.

Mike placed his hand on Ray's shoulder and squeezed, offering him comfort.

“We have to get away from here, Ray.” Mike told him. “You, me and Grace. They'll be looking for you. We have to keep running.”

Ray couldn't speak. He couldn't even look round. He watched the helicopter growing fainter and fainter until it was nothing but a speck in the distance. Out of the corner of his eye, he could still see the flames flicking up from the burning building – the constant reminder to Ray that Gerard and Frank were no more.

He had lost everything.

He couldn't argue, or bring himself to fight, as Mike forced him away, running past the remaining Dracs and rebels, the ones that were still alive. He could only assume they were following Grace and her rescuers. Somewhere where they could start again. Live to fight another day.

But there was only one thought echoing around inside Ray's mind.

'I'm sorry, Mikey. I've lost you too.'


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