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Fic - Killjoys. Burning Star. Chapter 13/? Rating NC-17

Title: Burning Star
Fandom: Killjoys!Verse
Chapter: 13/?
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: PP!Gerard/FG!Frank, PP!Gerard/Korse non con.
Summary: The Killjoys are in trouble. Korse has caught up with them, and there is no where left to run.
Warnings: Dark fic, Rape, Oral sex, Angst, HurtComfort, Adult themes, Torture, Violence, Swearing.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Please don't sue me! This is just for pleasure!
Authors Note: Hi all, I know this took me ages and I'm sorry but things have been crappy for me lately - (Dumped by Facebook/Twitter blockage. How very modern. Shame I had to find out my girlfriend had lied to me since we'd met too. Oh well, that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes I guess...) Anyway, enough of that. No new warnings in this chapter, except a bit more violence/torture. I really hope you like this, I'm not sure about it at all. I just didn't seem to come together so well for me, but see what you think :) Please let me know! Special thanks to littlblackghost for helping me out with this chapter. Life saver! Thanks babe!

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Burning Star

Chapter Thirteen

Frank stared up at the Drac, his eyes flaming with hatred. He stayed stubbornly silent, and then, with a toss of his hair, pulled his head out of the drone's grasp. He then spat onto the ground, making his feelings only too clear.

He could sense the anger pouring off of the BL/I slave beside him in waves. With a snarl, the Drac backhanded Frank hard, whipping his face to one side. After pausing for a few seconds to recover his composure, Frank then turned his head to stare once again at the Drac, his expression calm, only his fiery eyes betraying his hatred and fury.

And then, he smirked.

Once again, the Drac hit out and again, Frank did not cry out, or react in any way. If anything, he looked bored. He knew he couldn't show any reaction to whatever the Drac had in store for him. For Gerard's sake, who was, Frank had no doubt, hearing; and most likely watching, everything that was happening. Frank couldn't stand it if Gerard decided he was going to be a big damn hero and give himself up to save Frank. The brunette would not allow Gerard to be taken by BL/I, certainly not for him.

He'd rather die.

The Drac gripped his hair roughly again, and brought its face to within a hair's length of Frank's.

“Where is Party Poison?” The Drac barked.

Frank stared back at the BL/I scum, unblinking. He had nothing to say to it. To prove that fact, he turned away, whistling nonchalantly.

The Drac chuckled, the sound eerie beneath the drone's mask.

It lowered it's voice. “Why do you even bother protecting him?” The Drac snarled. “Poison ran away and left you to your fate. He doesn't care about you. He is nothing but a coward.”

Frank trembled slightly but just about managed to hold himself together. Mikey, however, had attempted to drag himself to his feet in a futile effort to get to the taunting Drac, but he was knocked to the ground easily by another drone that was stood over him, guarding him, Ray and Bert.

Ray cursed loudly, and was also struck across the face for his trouble. Only Bert remained motionless.

The Drac leader glanced over at the fuming Killjoys, it's gaze hovering on Mikey for a few moments, and then turned it's full attention back to Frank. It leaned in ever closer, close enough for Frank to hear it's breathing, and he cringed inwardly. The Drac's tone was taunting, as it hissed to it's victim; “I imagine the rumours are true, considering your precious leader's absence.” It chuckled, before continuing. “The great Party Poison was used as a whore by Exterminator Korse and is now broken beyond repair.” It paused. “Am I right, Ghoul?”

Frank closed his eyes. He had to contain his temper. He couldn't lose it. If he did, he was playing right into the Drac's hands.

He heard a sound from behind him and he stole a look over his shoulder, seeing Ray, Mikey and Bert now all struggling against their bonds and their captors, desperately trying to force themselves free. This only hardened Frank's revolve. They hadn't given up and nor would he.

The Drac gripped Frank's chin and forced the rebel to look back at it. “Where is your fearless leader?” It tightened it's hold. “Tell me.”

“Fuck you.” Frank replied calmly.

The Drac tutted. “Fool,” it sighed. “He isn't worth your death, Ghoul.”

Frank smiled. The meaning behind his smirk was obvious, even to the unemotional monster leering over him.

Gerard was worth everything to him.

“I'd die for him,” Frank said simply. “Don't try to understand. You can't.”

The Drac regarded Frank. And then, with a snarl, it forced it's ray gun into the struggling man's mouth.

“Let's put that to the test, shall we?”

There was a smothered cry from behind them. Both Frank and his Draculoid tormentor were aware of the ruckus going on behind them. They knew the Killjoys were fighting tooth and claw to get to them and do whatever they had to to save Frank's life.

Frank merely glared. He shook his head slightly, his stubbornness on proud display.

“Last chance, you rebel scum.” The Draculoid spat at him, it's finger covering the trigger. “Where is Party Poison?”

Frank didn't move. He felt curiously at peace. He knew he was staring death in the face and he was surprisingly calm about it. He would never betray the man he loved; he had sworn to protect him with his dying breath, and he would keep to his word. No matter how soon that death turned out to be.

If he could have had one last request, however, he would have just wanted to see Gerard one last time before he went.

Frank closed his eyes.

The Draculoid was watching him closely, and it was hesitating. It's orders had been crystal clear. Bring Gerard Way to the City, broken but alive, prepared for reprogramming. The remainder of the Killjoys were inconsequential to the Corporation's plans.

Korse had been insistent though.

“Keep Fun Ghoul alive. He is a useful bargaining tool.”

And there was a nagging, incomprehensible doubt bubbling up deep within the Drac, preventing it from pulling the trigger and ending the rebel's pointless life.

No. It was more than that. The Draculoid could feel something inside. It actually cared.

It grimaced. They had delivered their orders, and the Draculoid would obey. That was all there was in life.

Only the Corporation mattered.

This was a Killjoy. His life was meaningless. He was dangerous. He deserved to die.

The Draculoid stared at Frank. No more indecisivness. For the sake of the company, he would die.

The drone shrugged. “As you wish,” it whispered.

At that moment, there was a loud crashing noise from a short distance away, just out of sight. Frank's eyes snapped open, and the Drac looked up sharply, instantly noting that the sound came from the direction where Ghoul had appeared from. A flicker of concern flashed across Frank's face. It was only there for a second, but the Drac saw it. It smiled behind the mask and then gestured for two of it's patrol to investigate. Ghoul eyed the Drac, and it stared back.

They stayed perfectly still, waiting as the Dracs made their way carefully in the direction of the noise. They moved out of sight, and the Drac standing over Frank trembled slightly in anticipation.

Frank didn't dare to breath.

Gerard, you idiot.

“He didn't run so far then,” the Drac said softly.

Frank said nothing.

Suddenly, the sound of ray gun blasts filled the air.

The Drac yelled it's outrage. It pulled it's gun out of Frank's mouth, and released him, allowing the Killjoy to fall to the ground. He was quickly grabbed by another of the Killjoy's Drac captors, and dragged back into position, thrown to the ground beside his comrades, who were all giving him concerned glances. He gave them what he hoped was a reassuring smile, but the attempt probably resembled more of a grimace.

The lead Drac, meanwhile, had marched away from it's hostages, it's gun raised, rushing after the slaves who had clearly ignored their instructions.

“We were told to capture Poison alive! They will destroy all of us if-”

The Drac broke off. It stared ahead, it's locked on the the crumpled forms of the two Dracs, their bodies still smoking from the numerous shots they had just been blasted by.

The “broken” Party Poison had fought back. And he had won.

The Drac heard a noise and it leaped back desperately, gasping in shock as a blast whizzed past it's ear. The BL/I drone, now stood like a sitting duck, fired off a shot of its own but it had nothing to aim at. Realising it's folly, the Drac dived for cover. Another shot narrowly missed it as it crawled hurriedly towards a large rock.

Then, Party Poison's voice rang out.

“Let them go. And then get the hell out of here, you Drac bastards.”

The leader Drac raised an eyebrow beneath it's mask.

“Or what?” It shouted back.

“Or I'll kill you all!” Came the arrogant response. “You've got five minutes to get the fuck out of my zone.”

Your Zone?”

“That's right.”

The lead Drac paused for a moment, considering it's next move, and then, after a moment of nervous indecision, it stalked the area where the Killjoys were now being held, marching up and down, staring furiously in the direction that it now knew it's quarry was to be found.

“If we attack, he'll pick us off one by one. That passageway is too small for us to try to overpower him with numbers.” Another Drac, the second in command, the Killjoys had surmised, offered to it's superior.

The leader nodded in reply. “We must send for reinforcements. We need to move this along,” it replied. “More rebels could arrive here at any time. Plus, it's not safe out in the open in this section of the Zone during the night.” It gestured to it's fellow Drac. “See to it.”

The Drac nodded, and moved off, towards their transporter.

Suddenly, the leader seemed to come to a decision. It stalked towards Frank, gripped him by the hair, and dragged him forward a few feet before throwing him once more to the ground.

Frank fought back with all he was worth, but he quickly found himself pinned to the ground.

“This is not a game, Party Poison!” The Drac yelled. “I now know you can hear me. You can probably see me.” It kicked Frank in the ribs, causing the brunette to moan. “Just in case you cannot, you should know that I have Frank Iero in front of me. This man is important to you, is he not?”

Frank's insides knotted. He glanced over at Mikey and Ray, who were staring back, their fears evident. Frank shared their panic. He wasn't worried for himself though, all of his concerns were for his boyfriend.

Frank didn't doubt that Gerard had revealed his location to save his life.

The fucking idiot.

Stay hidden, Gerard. Don't you dare try to do anything fucking stupid. Not for me.

The Drac glared down at Frank.

“You love this man?” It yelled, still addressing the hidden Gerard, and then it inclined it's head, as if it waiting for a reply.

But none came.

“Don't you love him, Gerard Way?”

Again, it paused for a response and, as before, there was only silence.

The Drac raised it's gun.

“You will surrender to us, Killjoy,” the Drac called; “Or he will suffer.”

And then the drone took aim and coolly shot Frank in his lower right leg. Frank gasped, the sudden sharp pain taking him by surprise, but he tried to hold in the cries, not wanting Gerard to hear his agony. This became a futile effort however, when the Drac stepped forward and pressed it's boot down against his new wound. Tears sprang into the Killjoys eyes as he screamed in agony and rage, writhing helplessly on the ground. It hurt so damned much, and the Drac wasn't letting up.

“You hear that, Poison?” It shouted. “Can you hear his screams? I promise you, this is just the beginning.”

Gerard was still in his hiding place, lying flat on the ground, concealed by the sign that had become his security. He was covering his ears, but that did not block out Frank's agonised cries. Gerard whimpered, he had never felt so helpless. All he wanted to do was to go to Frank, to save his life and keep him safe. But he had heard Frank's desperate cries for him to stay out of the way, to get out of there and to keep running.

But, he couldn't stand by knowing how much Frank was suffering.

He would not let this happen.

With a heavy heart, he got as quickly to his feet as he could, cursing quietly from the shooting pain caused by his damned ankle. Taking a deep breath, he then stumbled forward a few feet. He held his hands up, in a typical surrender pose, and prepared to call out to the Drac to stop.

At that moment, he heard Frank's desperate shouts, calling out to him, and he froze at once.

“Don't you give up, Gerard!” Frank was yelling, his voice quivering thanks to the extreme pain he was in. “Don't worry about me. You know what they'll do to you if you go with them. Don't make me lose you, Gerard. Not like that.”

His words were cut off then, and he screamed once more. Gerard thumped his fists against his head, desperate to block out those cries. He let out a low sob as he sank slowly to his knees.

Frankie, I'm so sorry. Forgive me.

When the Drac had completed it's brutal attack on him, Frank was left lying on the ground, bloodied, bruised and barely conscious. The Drac had moved back from him, and was breathing heavily.

“This is not working,” it noted, more to itself. “This is taking too long.”

It's furious gaze locked with Ghoul's. The Killjoy was gasping, thankful for the small respite from the pain.

“I was mistaken, Ghoul,” the Drac muttered. “I thought you mattered more to him than you in fact do. You are clearly nothing but a convenient fuck for him.” It raised it's gun once more. “Which makes you now surpass to requirements.”

Frank knew his time was up. He closed his eyes, and thought of Gerard, waiting for the sound of the gun fire that would end his life.

But it never came.

“Return him to the others.” The Draculoid snapped. “He is useless.”

“Sorry about that,” Frank ground out as he was pulled up and guided back to the other Killjoys. His Drac companions were half dragging, half supporting him across the sand. They released him, and he slumped to the ground, trying to continue speaking despite the agonising pain currently ripping through him. “I guess I’m just no fun to torture.”

The Drac regarded him for a moment.

It then turned, and pointed directly at Mikey with it's gun.

“Bring him to me.”

The reaction was immediate. Frank swore viciously at the Drac, while Ray tried in vain to free himself from his cuffs, forcing himself to his knees.


The Drac was watching them closely. It seemed intrigued.

“We'll see how much Way cares for his own brother,” the leader mused. “If his reaction is any where near as dramatic as yours, we should end this quickly.”

“Don't do this,” Ray snapped, having worked the gag out of his mouth. He watched helplessly as Mikey was dragged away from his side. “Leave him alone. Don't you fucking touch him!”

Mikey, struggling valiantly, was thrown at the leader's feet, his own gag ripped from his mouth. He stared up at the drone with wide, frightened eyes.

“Stop!” Ray was shouting. “Don't hurt him.”

Frank was also trying to scramble forward, being restrained by a Drac. “You fucking piece of company shit.” He yelled. “I'm going to rip your heart out if you touch him, do you hear me?”

The leader Drac only chuckled, amused at their outbursts. It stroked Mikey's cheek with one finger, apparently enjoying the man's obvious discomfort.

Only Bert remained still. Frank rounded on him furiously.

“You one of us or not?” He hissed, spitting in rage. “For God's sake, help us.”

Bert didn't attempt to reply. He was still gagged, unlike Ray he hadn't tried to dislodge the rag stuffed into his mouth. He had kept to the back, away from the watchful eye of the Dracs. He was kneeling up, an expression of concentration on his face. But then, with one eye on the Drac nearby, Bert smirked at Frank and winked at him.

And then held up his unrestrained hands, holding up the now now unlocked handcuffs up by one hand for Frank to see, while in his other hand he held a small metal device. The tool he had obviously used to free himself with. Then, he quickly resumed his previous position, his face bleak as he watched the sight in front of him.

Frank was incredulous.

What the fuck?

The leading Drac, oblivious to Frank and Bert's exchange, smirked down at Mikey, and then grabbed his arm roughly.

“Gerard Way!” It shouted. “In case you cannot see us, your brother has now joined me and I am holding a certain shooter gun that may be familiar to you.”

Frank whimpered. He knew exactly what was going to happen.

Fuck, Mikey.

He gaped at Bert, jerking his head in anger.

Bert was free. Why the hell was he just sitting there, allowing this to happen?

Bert held up a hand, appealing for Frank to remain calm. He then gestured for the smaller man to move closer, and Frank obeyed, dragging himself over to Bert as discreetly as he could and then slumped down before him, his back to the other man. He heard a quiet whistling noise and knew Bert was using his device to loosen Frank's cuffs, as he had done to his own.

Frank trembled impatiently, watching with horror as the Drac held the shooter gun against Mikey's bare arm. Frank knew how much this was going to hurt and his heart went out to Mikey.

The brunette also knew only to well that Gerard would never stand by and watch Mikey suffer.

Hurry up, Bert.

The Drac leader was still gazing in the direction it knew Gerard was hiding, scanning the small pathway, waiting for some sign that he would give up. When none was forthcoming, the Drac felt a rush of excitement as it's finger squeezed the trigger of the torture device it had pressed against the younger Way's arm.

“Lets start with level four,” the Drac remarked loudly. It brought it's face closer to Mikey's, clearly revelling in the man's panic. “How much pain can you withstand, Kobra Kid? Are you as weak as your brother?”

Mikey, shaking with hate and the fear of what he was about to endure slowly gripping him, gritted his teeth.

“Fuck you,” he growled.

The Drac shrugged, and then injected a dart directly into Mikey's skin.

Ray swore loudly. Bert's frown turned into a grimace and Frank called out to his friend, trying to reassure Mikey, and Gerard, any way he could.

He knew it was pointless.

Mikey's eyes went wider, and he stared at the Drac in horror. The Drac merely gazed back calmly. And then, the Killjoy began to scream. He fell onto his back and began to writhe, slamming his fist into the sand, whimpering helplessly as the evil drug took hold. Tears cascaded down his face as pain more intense than he had ever known swept over him. He was burning from the inside, his very blood was boiling in his veins.

There was no hope, no fight left in him. Nothing but the pain.

He was going to die. Right there, in the sand.

He couldn't help himself. He screamed one word, desperate to see one person in the world. If his life was about to end, then he wanted his big brother with him.


And finally, the pain began to subside. Slowly, Mikey's senses returned to him and he was aware that he was lying on his side, sweat covering every inch of him. As he focused, he saw the concerned faces of his fellow Killjoys staring back at him.

Ray was in tears. For some crazy reason, Mikey actually wanted to comfort his friend. He blinked, trying to send a silent message to his comrades that he was okay. Even though he knew he wasn't.

Frank looked ready to kill. Bert would not meet his gaze.

Mikey couldn't control his trembling. Nor did he want to move. Every part of him was in agony.

The Draculoid was standing over him, looking in the direction of the small clearing. It waited, watching for Gerard to show himself.

When he didn't, the drone jerked his head, and then reached for Mikey again.

“No,” Mikey sobbed. He knew he was being weak, and letting Gerard down, but he couldn't help it. He was terrified.

He didn't want to die like this. He wanted Gerard there.

The Drac took a firm hold on the man's arm.

“Level Five,” it hissed. It brandished the shooter.

“Please.” Mikey could only moan.

“Your brother has the power to put a stop to this,” the Drac replied loudly. “It's his decision, not mine.”

And again, Mikey felt the sharp pain of the needle as it entered his arm.

He whimpered. And waited for the torture.

It came quickly. Once more, Mikey screamed until he was hoarse.

Gerard was close by, listening to his brothers tortured cries. He fell to his knees, tears streaming down his face. He couldn't stand by and listen to this. He just couldn't. Mikey was his responsibility, he had sworn to his parents that he would protect him. He would not allow the Better Living scum to torture his kid brother while he stood near by, hiding like a coward. He owed Mikey everything.

Deep down, he knew that if he surrendered then he would be handing a lot more than just his life to the enemy. He was well aware of what Korse's plan had been, and he was sure the intentions remained the same. If he was captured and taken to the City, he would be broken and reprogrammed, and then forced to murder all of his family and friends anyway.

The Dracs knew that his brother was his weakness. But what choice did Gerard have? He knew what Mikey was going through. He had to spare him more of that ordeal.

He couldn't let them break Mikey like they had broken him.

That hated distorted voice suddenly filled the air.

“You would let your brother suffer for you, Gerard Way? You are not the man we were told about clearly.”

Gerard began to shake. He wanted to kill this Drac as badly as Korse. He wanted to watch it die horribly.

It called out again. “Level six, Way!”

Mikey's screams seemed to intensify and Gerard slammed his fist into the wall beside him. He repeated this action until his fist was bloodied and bruised.

His mind was made up. He had to stop this. Now.

He staggered forward, limping thanks to his still broken ankle.

He yelled out as he stumbled along.

“Stop!” He tried to contain the tremor in his voice. “You win. Leave him alone.”

There was the mixed sound of exciting murmurings and angry curses. And then, a shout that was unmistakably Frank.

“Gerard, just get the fuck out of here!”

Then, a muffled grunt. Gerard knew Frank had been hit. He closed his eyes. What could he say? They had all suffered for him, and he had let them all down.

I'm sorry, Frankie.

“You will move into the open, Poison,” the Commander-in-Chief shouted. “Keep your hands above your head. If you try to trick me, your friends will pay for your stupidity. Again.”

Gerard did as he was told. He gritted his teeth as he forced himself on. Finally, he moved into the sight of the Draculoids. He looked towards the drone that was clearly in charge, and then his gaze swept across Mikey, lying crumpled at his feet, and then to Ray, Frank and Bert, who were all watching him, fury on their faces. His eyes lingered on Bert, who shook his head at Gerard desperately.

“You have to do something about this,” Frank hissed.

“Just stay still,” Bert snapped back.

Thankfully, none of the Dracs were bothered by their exchange. All of their attentions were focused on Gerard.

The Drac leader brought it's boot down hard on Mikey's chest, causing the man to whimper, and Gerard started forward.

The Drac raised a hand warningly.

“I don't think so, Killjoy!” The Drac snapped. “Drop the gun, for your brother's sake!”

Gerard hesitated for a moment and then obeyed, allowing his weapon to slip out of his grasp, to the sandy ground below. Three Dracs then descended upon him, scooping his gun up and then forced him to his knees.

He grunted in pain, but otherwise didn't resist. His gaze was locked on Mikey, who was still lying at the leader's feet, not moving.

The Drac leader was regarding Gerard closely. From it's body language, it was obviously feeling very triumphant. It covered the Killjoy with it's blaster, and then addressed him.

“Gerard Way, otherwise known as the Killjoy rebel, Party Poison. You are under arrest for numerous crimes against Better Living Industries.”

Gerard was smirking. The Drac ignored him.

“These crimes include, but are not limited to, murder, assault, theft, spreading lies, inciting riots and violence, brainwashing others to your cause, conspiring with known outlaws and malicious damage. Do you have anything to say in response to the charges?”

A crazed smile spread across Gerard's face. “Oh plenty,” he retorted. “But I'll say what I need to to the boss woman, not some common lackey.”

The Drac's face burned. Gerard continued.

“I'm assuming I will meet the all powerful lady in charge?” Gerard questioned. “I think I've earned that.”

The Drac paused. “Oh yes,” it replied. There was a cruelness to it's distorted voice. “You'll meet her.”

Gerard didn't like the sound of it's tone. He said nothing, glaring back coldly.

“We will take the brother too.” The Drac announced, pointing down at the still trembling Mikey. “He will have his uses, I feel.”

Gerard reacted to that. “If you hurt him again, I'll-”

The Drac raised a hand. “You'll what? Talk me to death?”

It laughed loudly, dragging Mikey to his feet. Mikey couldn't stand unsupported; he leaned against his Drac tormentor for support. His eyes met Gerard's and their was a silent connection between the brothers.

Party Poison sighed. He knew further threats were useless. He fell silent, but his eyes were blazing.

“Take them to the transporter,” The Drac instructed. “We must leave at once.”

The Drac leader then glanced back at the remaining Killjoys. Ray was being held by one of their guards, but Bert and Frank were simply kneeling down, watching the action, but not responding. To the Drac, they were now nothing but an afterthought.

“Execute the rest.” It ordered.

Gerard whirled around at that. He grabbed for the Drac, desperation and rage coursing through him, but was dragged away.

“No! You don’t need them! Let them go!”

The Drac smirked at him, and shrugged. “They are Killjoys,” it replied. “All Killjoy rebels are targeted for extermination. Only you were to be captured alive. Be grateful we are sparing your brother's life, for now.” It's tone was taunting. “You brought this upon them, Poison. This is your fault.”

Gerard, fighting against his captors holds, yelled in outrage and increased his struggles as one of the Drac drones grabbed his wrists, ready to restrain him with handcuffs as they had done the others.

Frank suddenly felt the cuffs slipping off his wrists. He then felt Bert gripping his shoulder. He glanced at him and Bert nodded grimly. Frank was free. As Bert edged towards Ray, Frank instantly began to feel around in his pocket, his eyes not leaving Gerard's. The brunette knew exactly what he was looking for. Thanks to Korse, he might just have a way out for them all.

He found what he was searching for, and pulled out three of the grenade balls. He looked at them, remembering what Korse had told him. Some had timer capabilities, some didn't. The balls would either explode as soon as he pressed them, or he would have ten seconds to act. Either way, he would cause a diversion.

He looked over at the Transporter. That was his target. Frank frowned. He had a good aim, and a good throw, but was the vehicle close enough for him to hit?

Frank shrugged. Only one way to find out.

He took a deep breath.

Frank got slowly to his feet. “Hey, ass-wipe!” He called, and all the Dracs turned as one to regard him. He scoffed. “You need to get your fucking filthy hands off of my boyfriend.” Frank snarled, and then didn't wait for a reply. He threw three of the balls at the party of Dracs beside the Transporter, the vehicle that was waiting to ferry Gerard to the City and to his fate. Frank's aim was true. The Dracs only had the time to wonder what was happening, before the balls made contact and the resulting explosion ripped through them and their vehicle.

Gerard, who had read Frank's intention despite not knowing what he had planned, had thrown himself to the ground, knowing the damage the grenade balls could cause. Though he was not close enough for the fire engulfing the vehicle to harm him, the force of the explosion sent him flying through the air, the leading Drac right beside him. They both crashed to the ground, gasping for breath.

Gerard moaned. His poor broken body screaming it's outrage at him. He couldn't blame it.

As the Drac and Gerard regarded each other, all Hell broke loose around them.

Frank was on his feet, throwing himself at the nearest Drac, knocking it to the ground and wrestling it's ray gun from it's grasp. Ignoring the pain shooting up his body, Frank pointed the Drac's own gun at it's masked face, and grunted satisfactorily as he pulled the trigger. Bert managed to free Ray just as Frank offed their other remaining guard, and Ray jumped to his feet at once and ran to the still unmoving Mikey.

The leader Drac gazed at the scene before it, stunned as it saw it's Drac team being destroyed in seconds. The leader shook it's head, trying to clear the confusion. It didn't understand. How had the situation changed so dramatically, so suddenly?

Recovering quicker than the devastated Gerard, who was in so much pain he couldn't even begin to consider fighting back, the Drac grabbed at the Killjoy and then flung him away with a yell of anger. Gerard fell to the ground again with a gasp. He was exhausted. He couldn't move. He could only watch, horror struck, as the Drac raised the shooter gun it had managed to keep hold of, and then it stalked towards the Killjoy, the gun at the ready. Gerard cowered, trying to crawl backwards, desperate to escape the fate which was worse than death for him. The Drac followed him. Pinning the red head down to the ground beneath it, the Drac placed the gun against Gerard's arm.

“Please,” Gerard moaned. “Please don't.”

The Drac laughed.

“Pathetic,” it hissed. “The Company already owns you. The Exterminator made sure of that.” It laughed. “You are a shadow of your former self.”

Gerard closed his eyes.

The problem was, he agreed.

Before the Drac had the chance to inject Gerard's nightmare into him once more, the drone was suddenly, and violently, thrown off of the despairing Killjoy. Gerard opened his eyes carefully, hardly daring to hope, and then his heart soared when he saw that a furious Frank had flung himself at the Drac, and was now straddling it, the drone helpless beneath the raging Killjoy. As the red head watched, Frank began to pummel the unfortunate Draculoid that had dared to threaten Gerard.

“You and your fucking precious company will never hurt any of us again,” Frank spat. “Do you fucking hear me? No more.”

He continued to rain down blow after blow, punch after punch, onto the Drac's face and upper body. Gerard stood a short way away from him, watching Frank working out his anger. He knew he would beat the drone to death and he didn't see any point in stopping him.

The Drac had tortured both Frank and Mikey. It deserved to die. And Frank taking out his issues on the right enemy was all for the good.

Maybe now, they could move on.

Under the force of the blows, the voice distorter the Draculoid was using to protect it's identity became dislodged. And as Frank grabbed the drone around the neck and began to squeeze, the Drac let out a stifled cry.

The whimper was soft, but evident. It took Frank completely by surprise.

A Draculoid was never allowed to show pain.

But this sound had been pitiful and desperate.

And unmistakably female.

Gerard heard the weakened cry and his head snapped up in surprise. He called out to Frank to stop, and grabbed his friend's arm. Frank had heard the whimper too though, and had frozen, mid punch.

Trying to catch his breath, Frank tore forward, gripped the Draculoid's mask and ripped it off, revealing the face of the brainwashed person underneath.

Frank gasped.

Gerard's eyes grew wide, as he shook his head stupidly.

“No,” he moaned. “Please.”

The woman stared hatefully at both men, breathing painfully. She eyed them, drawing back, her gaze wary.

Frank eyed Gerard warily, unsure what to say.

The red head closed his eyes, and held a shaky hand up to his head, as if he were in pain.

He was in pain. His heart was breaking.

“I thought you were dead,” he whimpered.

She just stared at him, confused.

Gerard opened his eyes again, and took a wary step towards her, pausing when she pulled away, her back against the wall. She looked terrified.

Gerard reached out a careful hand towards her but she drew away, practically spitting at him like a trapped animal.

The Killjoy spoke one more word, his anguish clear from his tone. One word that changed everything.


Tags: burning star, fic, mcr
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